Collection Michel

Business events in exceptional homes in the South of France

Event services

A tailor-made service to make your event a success in an idyllic location

Organisation of exclusive seminars

We can host your seminar in one of the many exceptional villas in our collection. Whether it’s a board meeting, a team-building event or a brand event, our network of local service providers will help you organise your tailor-made business event.

Privatising a house or estate offers more privacy and tranquillity than a hotel or conference centre. This allows your teams to concentrate on the objectives of the seminar without being distracted by other guests or outside noise.

When team members stay in the same house, they have more opportunities to bond and strengthen group cohesion. They can enjoy common areas, meals together and leisure activities, which helps to create a strong group dynamic.

Organising a seminar in a villa is a great option for companies looking to offer their staff a unique experience. It encourages creativity, strengthens team cohesion and offers a relaxing break from the daily grind of work.

Organisation of exclusive seminars
Shooting and filming in Bormes-les-mimosas and Le Lavandou

Shooting and filming in Bormes-les-mimosas and Le Lavandou

The villas in the Collection Michel offer breathtaking landscapes and panoramic views for your photo and video shoots. We can provide you with one or more villas for audiovisual projects in exceptional settings.

Organising a photo shoot or video shoot in one of the villas in our collection will give you the utmost discretion and flexibility. You can customise the layout of the space to meet the specific needs of your photo or video project.

Our villas offer unique settings for creating unforgettable photos and videos in total privacy. We’ll advise you on the choice of villas to suit your project and provide you with local service and tailor-made support.